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ASANA Global Shopify Plus StoreASANA Global Shopify Plus StoreASANA Global Shopify Plus Store

ASANA story started from 2001 by the entrepreneur, Samuel Ling. Through his persistence in seeking for better ingredients and his belief in traditional wisdom of rejuvenation, he created a product called "Imperial Tea" as the first anti-aging product debuted in the market. Today, ASANA has become an anti-aging pioneer in the market and differentiated itself from unique solutions and unique customer centric experience. By leveraging its potentials, the group has recently landed to China and presented to the global Chinese market through the online platform. With the principle of better than the best, ASANA continues to pursue anti-aging breakthroughs and lead the industry into a new playing field. ASANA is committed to investing in biotechnology as it believes biotechnology can transform the human being and change the world. ASANA is determined to write the future of anti-aging and create products for tomorrow!

Client ASANA Global
Year 2017
Platform Shopify Plus
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