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Carlo Giuliano Shopify Store

Carlo Giuliano (1831-1895), the Italian goldsmith, known as a revivalist jeweler in the nineteenth century. He was initially famed for his distinctive granulated gold jewellery in the style of archaeological revival style. Giuliano is a true master of his skill, every piece of jewellery is intensely detailed in crafting, enameling or die-stamping. His love for Roman archeology and the Renaissance are directly transformed into his work.

Eventually as the vogue evolved into a taste for Renaissance style pieces, Giuliano forged a distinctive style of his own. The most popular pieces were lozenge-shaped pendants decorated with Giuliano's signature enameling. His work was popular and many of Giuliano’s clients were members of high society. It is believed that he created a piece specially for Queen Victoria.

Client Carlo Giuliano
Year 2014
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