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CCCP Shopify Store

From the design mind of Alexander Shorokhoff, inspired by the spirit and times of a country that burgeoned ahead in the fields of Science, Politics, the Arts – the CCCP watch collection draws its design inspiration from the life and times of a significant part of the modern political era of the Soviet Union.

It was the Soviet Union that launched the first man made object into space.

It was Yuri Gagarin, the cosmonaut who took with him the hopes and dreams of mankind as he became the first human being into space – breaking free from the Earth below.

CCCP timepieces celebrate this and also the order of timekeeping and watchmaking from the storied houses of Soviet watchmakers.

Inspired by the above – we present a collection of aesthetic uniqueness, quality in workmanship borne by a legacy of the solid industrial machine of the Soviet Union that turned its prowess in engineering and design into the world of timekeeping.

Client CCCP
Year 2014
Platform Shopify
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