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Cella Bella Jewelry Shopify StoreCella Bella Jewelry Shopify Store

Cella Bella Jewelry was born out of the desire to bring substantive, artisan-crafted jewelry to the customers weary of mass produced products. Conceived by a group of industry veterans with expertise in jewelry design, fashion, bead-making, and e-commerce, our products are a mix of old world Italian craftsmanship and modern sensibilities, focused around handmade Murano glass.

At Cella Bella they like to say: 'we make jewelry, we don’t manufacture it.' Our belief in this saying is what drives our design process as we endeavor to create jewelry that is both unique and inspiring. The uniqueness of our product comes from the very nature of our high-quality handmade glass and shows itself in the form of subtle differences from piece-to-piece.

Client Cella Bella Jewelry
Year 2014
Platform Shopify
URL https://www.shopcellabella.com/
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