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Cosset Shopify Store

Cosset Inc was founded in 2009 with environmentally conscious roots – aiming to abide by the tenets of sustainability, recyclability, and reusability. An eco chic luxury basics brand, Cosset garments are made with sustainable bamboo fabric that is incredibly comfortable, breathable and cooling, giving it an exceptional luxurious feel. Focusing on women's essentials and everydaywear that have great fit as well as feel, Cosset produces tank tops, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, underwear and more.

What sets Cosset apart is just how incredibly comfortable it is! They are so comfortable they are the ultimate leisurewear, travel wear, sleepwear or simply everyday wear!

Bamboo fabric (which is made from regenerated bamboo cellulose) has some special natural properties: Bamboo fabric is durable and will withstand many washes without losing its shape. It is lightweight, breathable and extremely soft to the touch – with a texture akin to silk or cashmere jersey. Its fiber structure draws moisture away from the body and has thermal regulating properties so you’ll feel cool and comfortable throughout the day.

And apart from how comfortable it feels, bamboo is also a rapidly renewable resource – it’s one of the fastest growing plants and requires little or no herbicides and pesticides to thrive.

For Cosset, it’s not just the clothing, but also the packaging that matters. Where possible, Cosset features reusable, recyclable packaging made from either reconstituted cardboard or 100% organic cotton.

Client Cosset
Year 2014
Platform Shopify
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