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Hong Kong Q.C. Center HTML Site

Hong Kong Q.C. Center Ltd (HKQCC) is an experienced quality control and auditing service provider that founded in 1995. With headquarter in Hong Kong, they have established a network of operations offices in Mainland China to connect services available throughout the country.

With Hong Kong-based background, they possess both the knowledge of Western business model and Chinese industrial expertise with conjunction of ISO9001:2008 to keep their service quality on track.

They are dedicated to provide independent inspection and auditing services to protect customer's best Interests for your trading model.

Inspection or auditing services can be scheduled before 24 hours booking to provide ease and flexible arrangement per your daily operation timetable.

You can review inspection and auditing report within 24 hours after the service completed, automatic system report link to be provided to review inspection or auditing result anytime.

Client Hong Kong Q.C. Center Ltd.
Year 2010
Platform HTML
URL https://www.hkqcc.com/
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