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Tiny Bitz Shopify Store

TinyBitz is a baby-gifting brand with the focus on bringing 'thoughtful gifts for growing kids'. The signature ‘Growing Kit’ brings a refreshing gifting concept as each set includes 3 different-sized onesies to change with the season as the babies grow! All sets come in complimentary packaging to make gifting a breeze for the busy urbanites.

Born in Hong Kong and bred in Sydney, Sera and Petina started TinyBitz after tirelessly searching for stylish yet practical and affordable clothing as gifts for their wee little nieces. As favourite Aunts, loveable friends and trendy individuals, the two married their backgrounds in fashion and marketing, pooled their passions and voila, TinyBitz was born!

After a successful showcase at Playtime New York in 2014, TinyBitz was named by Australia’s Babyology as their favourite find at the show and is currently available in the Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Tokyo.

Client Tiny Bitz
Year 2013
Platform Shopify
URL https://www.tinybitz.com/
shopify web design

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