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Uye Surana Shopify Store

Uye Surana is an independent lingerie brand based out of a small studio in NYC, where dreamy things are delicately made. Aside from lingerie, we also make an assortment of loungewear, clothing, jewelry, beauty products & more. Each design utilizes high-quality materials — airy silks, easy mesh, intricate lace — meticulously handcrafted, often by the designer herself.

Founder & designer Monica Wesley started Uye Surana in 2013. In her own life as a busy designer, she needed clothing & lingerie that was comfortable, feminine, and beautiful. Aesthetically, she was inspired by the romance and peace found in nature, but her urban life required her to be comfy, active, and stylish all at once. Experimenting with modern lines, soft textures, and multi-functional designs, she realized that lingerie was the space where she could make the biggest difference in people’s lives with her designs.

People wear lingerie on a daily basis, but so much of the industry caters to chasing allure for another person’s gaze. Monica realized that something was missing, so she started designing lingerie as beautiful as it is comfortable — making the wearer feel and look beautiful and comfortable, just for themselves. The end result: dreamy pieces that are sweetly seductive, meticulously crafted in lush fabrics, with a perfect, personal fit.

Client Uye Surana
Year 2012
Platform Shopify
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