Wowjee Shopify Store

Wowjee Shopify Store

Wowjee Shopify StoreWowjee Shopify Store

Wowjee is all about the wonder they can attain…yes you, you & them! This wonder is satisfaction, fulfillment & happiness; the satisfaction of your desire of exclusivity, the fulfillment of your passion of innovation & their happiness for being the link where aspirations click inspirations.

Their proposition is simple…come for the craving heart & be awed not only by the ideas but also the functionality. Where all go for the tried & tested, they dare to try & test for you because your aspirations to your inspirations make Wowjee the abode of awesomeness. It’s a labor of love because they love what they do. Categories they focus on, cover a broad range of areas like home accessories, kitchen supplies, lighting, fashion & accessories, gadgets, creative items, office items, tech products, table top accessories, personal items, kids stuff, fun products, etc.


Their product is you…Their user is you…They don’t sell products, they showcase dreams. They don’t offer items, they bring change. Every day is a brand new so why live it like any other day, here at Wowjee every day is for dreamers to make reality.

Client Wowjee
Year 2013
Platform Shopify



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