Ecommerce Fraud Prevention: Tips to Keep Your Online Store Safe

Ecommerce Fraud Prevention: Tips to Keep Your Online Store Safe

Ecommerce has become a popular platform for businesses to sell their products and services. While it provides convenience to customers, it also poses risks for ecommerce fraud. Fraudsters have become more sophisticated in their methods, making it necessary for ecommerce businesses to take preventative measures to keep their online store safe. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for ecommerce fraud prevention.

Use Address Verification System (AVS)

One of the easiest ways to prevent ecommerce fraud is to use an Address Verification System (AVS). This system verifies the billing address of the customer's credit card with the address on file with the credit card company. If the addresses do not match, the transaction will be declined. Although it may cause some inconvenience for customers who have recently moved or have multiple addresses, it is a necessary step to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Implement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is another effective way to prevent ecommerce fraud. This process requires the customer to provide two forms of identification before making a transaction. For example, the customer may be required to enter a password and provide a code sent to their mobile device. This makes it difficult for fraudsters to make unauthorized transactions, as they would need to have access to both forms of identification.

Monitor Transactions for Suspicious Activity

Ecommerce businesses should monitor transactions for any suspicious activity. This includes large orders, multiple orders from the same IP address, and transactions from countries that are known for high levels of ecommerce fraud. If any of these triggers are identified, the transaction should be further reviewed before approving it. Additionally, businesses should regularly review their transaction data to identify any patterns of fraudulent activity.


Ecommerce fraud prevention is an essential aspect of running an online store. Businesses should take preventative measures such as using an Address Verification System, implementing Two-Factor Authentication, and monitoring transactions for suspicious activity. By taking these steps, ecommerce businesses can keep their online store safe and secure for their customers.