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Wine Circle Shopify Store

Wine Circle Shopify StoreWine Circle Shopify Store

Wine Circle, the place where wine enthusiasts meet to indulge in their passion for wine. Brought to you by the South China Morning Post, this site is dedicated to their readers, whose interest in wine has been growing over the past few decades. Here you’ll find useful articles and opinions to enjoy and share, and the opportunity to purchase excellent wines at a decent price. It’s kind of a one-stop for SCMP wine-lovers!

They aim to provide a collection of fascinating articles from our columnists, tap into the insider knowledge of winemakers and world-renowned wine critics and seek top tips and insights from a strong network of independent bloggers.

You’ll also find the highest quality of wines to purchase, brought to you by their wine partner, Kerry Wines. Kerry Wines are a growing premium wine distributor based in Hong Kong, with an expert team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals from the trade. You’ll find their wines are not only top notch in quality, but also available at excellent prices across the board, from affordable and quaffable table wines to rarer and more exclusive selections.

The Wine Circle will travel to the great wineries of the world, bringing you a taste of the best each region has to offer, as well as informing you on the best food to accompany each wine.

Client Wine Circle, South China Morning Post
Year 2014
Platform Shopify